What should I do when the CO alarm sounds?

If the alarm sounds, respond as follows:

1. Check if anyone is experiencing the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning — headache, dizziness, nausea or other ‘flu-like’ symptoms:–

2. Open the doors and windows to ventilate.

3. Turn off any fuel-burning appliances where possible and stop using them.

4. Evacuate the property leaving the doors and windows open.

5. Ring your gas or other fuel supplier on their emergency number.

6. Do not re-enter the property until the alarm has stopped.

7. Get medical help immediately for anyone suffering the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning (headache, nausea), and advise that carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected.

8. Do not use the fuel-burning appliances again until they have been hecked by an expert. In the case of gas appliances this must be a Gas Safe registered installer.

9. If no symptoms exist, operate the Test/Reset button and immediately ventilate the home by opening the windows and doors.

10. The alarm can be silenced by pressing the Test/Reset button.